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Public Communication

The Stormwater Quality Management Committee in cooperation with the local municipalities has produced several Public Service Announcements (PSA) for television and radio about stormwater pollution. These PSAs have been featured on the local TV channels as well as the Clark County Community Channel, Cable Channel 4.

Humorous public service campaign about the importance of using commercial car washes to reduce stormwater pollution [PSA_CarWash.wmv 4.29 MB, 30 sec.]
Another humorous public service campaign featuring the importance of properly disposing pet waste [PetWaste_StormDrain.wmv 4.6 MB, 29 sec.]
DON'T TRASH CLARK COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Humorous presentation that reminds people that littering and dumping in Clark County clogs stormdrains. [PSA_dont_trash_cc.mpg 5.25 MB, 31 sec]
REPORT CLOGGED STROMDRAINS PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Features how the public can report clogged storm drains to prevent trash and debris from polluting the storm drain system. [stormwater_cowboy.mpg 10.13 MB, 32 sec]
SPRING CLEANING PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Promotes the proper disposal of household chemicals that, due to their chemical nature, can be hazardous to the environment if not properly disposed. [springclean_psa2.mpg 9.73 MB, 30 sec]
CAR WASHING PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Promotes the use of commercial car washes that capture and recycle waste water. Water runoff from washing cars on streets allows soap and oil residue to flow into storm drains via streets and gutters. [carwashpsa2.mpg 9.77 MB, 30 sec.]
FERTILIZER PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Features how over fertilizing our lawns can cause chemicals to runoff into the stormwater system. [lawnpsa.mpg 6.27 MB, 29 sec.] Fertilizer Public Service Announcement (Espanol) - [fertilizer_spanish.mpg 10.05 MB, 29 sec]
PET WASTE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT -Features the importance of properly disposing of pet waste to reduce bacteria levels in the stormwater system. [petwaste3.mpg 9.17 MB, 29 sec.] Pet Waste Public Service Announcement (Espanol) - [petwaste2_spanish.mpg 10.33 MB, 29 sec.]
TOY BOAT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - This award-winning PSA features how the careless use of chemicals can make their way to Lake Mead, our primary source of drinking water. [toyboat2.mpg 9.58 MB, 30 sec.]
Cable Channels

Each week the Clark County Regional Flood Control District and Cox Communications feature a thirty-minute program called the 'Flood Channel'. The 'Flood Channel' explores issues shaping our Valley's future relating to flood control and stormwater pollution prevention. The 'Flood Channel' can be seen on the following Las Vegas cable channels:
KCLV-TV2 Las Vegas Cable Channel 2
Clark County Community Channel - Cable Channel 4

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